Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Linux For Beginners

For windows users "pirated" which was already uncomfortable with its "illegal", or have started to realize that playing around with the windows turned out to be lethal creativity because the code is not open, then the thought of polygamy with linux can be an alternative.

About Linux 

Linux is the operating system open source or free, so linux is free for use, in copy, distributed, modified or developed without the permission of anyone. Even if measured by cost, Linux is much cheaper than Microsoft Windows, but of course we know that does not mean cheap or bad in high quality. From the standpoint of system security side, certainly not a secret that Linux is much more powerful when compared to Windows which is often the target of hackers? systems other than Linux's architecture is built with a framework and a good level of security and this of course also strongly associated with the open source nature of Linux that gives freedom to build, to improvise and to innovate to the developers.

Choosing The Right Linux Distro

For beginners who had just to Linux, they usually knock on the election problems in distribution or more familiar with the term "distributions" that will be used. Linux distro is just a difference in the application program package, tools for installation, whereas, the basic commands, programs, organizational directories and files, and any additional utilities. In the system all Linux distributions are both using the Linux kernel. Things that should be considered by beginners in selecting the appropriate distribution is:

1. Availability: whether the distributions are easily obtained, either by buying the CD, download, borrow from friends, or a copy of the loan.
2. Popularity: whether the distro is quite popular in our environment, these considerations are intended to be easier in future to seek help, and we can discuss more specific, because in Linux, the community is very important.
3. Convenience: as a beginner these factors should be considered. If you are the kind who likes a challenge and not easily discouraged these factors may be ignored, but beginners usually prefer the easy way distro installation.
4. Support: whether technical or non-technical support available for these distributions. In general, all the Linux distributions supported by the Linux community, but for commercial distribution that will be coupled with technical support from the vendor. Some companies, such as LinuxCare provide technical support for Linux in general.

Well, now you must make a choice, choose according to need, as consideration visit sites that discuss various Linux distributions can be done, such as, there is described the latest current distributions or distributions based on your favorite hits ranking pages.

Good luck.


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